About the Artist

Hello my name is Shula. I'm 21 years old. 
I love anything where I can express myself in art, I have always loved art ever since I can remember, to me art is a way you can tell a story without anyone knowing the whole story. Art is a free easy going hobby for me as it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Everything you draw, sketch, doodle or paint is ART. No one can judge you for the skill or the meaning as each painter and portrait artist is different in many many ways.   
My main love is sketching in pencil, I do use a range of art materials, I mainly use sketching pencils as I think you can get a real realistic feel to my drawings. I will try to use colouring pencils and pens throughout my blog.

Why did I create this blog?  
Well I wanted to capture highlights of my life in drawings as a way of me remembering those moments and a way of getting myself into art again. So I thought I would create a space where I can share my life in art to people who I know and don't know. This blog is some where I can put my drawings and something I can always come back to, to view them myself in months or years to come. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my drawings, if you do have any questions about myself or art in general, leave a comment in the comment section below each drawing I post and I will answer the best I can for you. 


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